Unseen photos of Obama in ‘traditional Muslim dress’

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  1. His “multiplicity of cultures that fed him” are: being raised in Kenya (his birthplace) and Indonesia, and educated as a Muslim follower of the Koran and sharia law, and then attending a church where he absorbed the radical hateful anti-Semitic views that were being preached and taught there. He is half black and half white trailer trash and 100% gay Muslim with a perverted moral compass, who hates American values of freedom and democracy and he is an outright anti-Semite who would like nothing better than to see the destruction of Israel by his Muslim terrorist brothers.

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    I will not knock him because we do have freedom of religion but this does raise EYEBROWS

  3. I was taught respect the President and I do but I assure you had these photos come out he never would of been president…

  1. July 9, 2016

    […] Source: Unseen photos of Obama in ‘traditional Muslim dress’ […]

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