United Jerusalem Bill: Knesset changes law to make it harder to divide Jerusalem

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  1. 1arritechno says:

    About time ; Israeli sovereignty of Jerusalem should have been formalized before now,, that Bill was long overdue ; leaving it to the eleventh hour…
    Modern history reveals ; Muslims f””k everything they touch & are unfit to be custodians.
    Some idiots even wanted Jerusalem in a two state solution ; that would be a disaster..!

  2. Please remember, that the Arabs who came to Yerushalauyim/Jerusalem, came for its fame and economic gains from selling goods and services to pilgrims, Jewish 1st, Christians 2nd and then also saw an opportunity to claim it for Islam, some 1300 years ago. The Arabs who stayed in Israel, knowing we Jews are not like Arabs, are unfortunately also siding with the Arabs who escaped from Israel because they feared we will treat them as they treat us, and these REFUGEES found no Arab Nation wants them back, so over the years they created the fake historic lies about some Palestinian Nation and people with ties to ancient people who were living in the area before our people came and created what they now want for themselves.
    It is yet wrong to treat these Arabs inside Israel and near us in better ways the Arab Nations treat them, as our more evolved culture should not be A Prize for them till they are thankful and respectful of the Language, Culture, and Sovereignty of our democratic welcoming nation of Israel.

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