UK: Journalist Tommy Robinson arrested, sentenced within an hour to 13 months for reporting on Muslim rape gangs

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  1. Joda Collins says:

    Coming to America if and when Democrats control Congress.

    • Daniel White says:

      We don’t want you here, their are enough liberals to contend with here as is. And the democrats won’t be getting back congress anytime soon. Most likely never. So good lucky waiting lol.

  2. 1arritechno says:

    Hmm, obviously “free speech” has its price. There are places where “political correctness” undermines the silent majority & interpretation of the law,,, pandering to the Muslim community, has a terrible price too; a license for gangs to rape with impunity.

  3. Fred Perry says:

    Reporting from London England: England has Fallen! I say again…ENGLAND HAS FALLEN!

  4. Michael says:

    Where is the UK sequel to the Magna Carta, Magdeburg, Cromwell or the US War of Independence.

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