Sweden: Muslim classmates gang rape girl, remain enrolled because 'rapists are victims too'

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  1. Jan Favre says:

    Progressive Leftist judges are the advocates of the devil. Shame to Sweden.

  2. 1arritechno says:

    If they are old enough to do the Crime ; they’re old enough to do the time ( in prison ).
    Denying punishment is like condoning the actions and a free ticket to do it all again..!
    Then again, when judging the misdeeds by Muslims , Sharia law has to be considered , along with not offending their Community..?
    Besides, this act is fairly low on the Richter scale ; compared with beheading, bombing & mass murder..!

  3. I wonder if the father would have been convicted of a crime if he had beaten those boys to teach them to make better decisions. Would be face tough punishment from the law if he kicked the principle’s ass for calling his daughter’s attacker a “victim”? I swear, this world is backwards. Victims are victimized again and again by encouraging them to come forward and then doing NOTHING about it. I’m a father of 7, five boys and 2 girls. If my daughters (GOD FORBID) ever found themselves in this situation, I would end up in prison. If my sons ever committed this crime (WILL NEVER HAPPEN) they would beg to end up in prison because they know that the hell I would bring them would be far worse. Do the authorities fail to realize that not punishing these boys reinforces their actions and tells other little bastards that they can do the same? Do they not realize that not punishing these boys tells other victims they should take the abuse and stay quiet? Not punishing the attackers sends a very dangerous message to the whole of society. When will we face reality, that we have to start calling things by what they are? If you are a criminal, then be called just that. You cannot victimize people and then be called the victim. That’s just wrong!

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