St. Petersburg: Israeli-Russian beaten to death by Muslim because he was Jewish

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  1. R Kossover says:

    Muzzie bastards – along with ALL Jew-haters – need to die – so that we Jews can live!

  2. Leo Cozijn says:

    *Why on earth release him on bail?*
    2018-04-04 9:57 GMT+02:00 Behind The News :
    > BtNews posted: “Michael Verevskoy 27, was murdered by a Muslim while > walking home in Saint Petersburg, Russia. According to Russian media, > Verevskoy, who is Israeli, was brutally attacked on the night between March > 28-29, as he walked home from a local convenience store” >

  3. janwog says:

    Russia being allied with the worst enemy of Israel Iran, I am not sure if Russia can be trusted. The Russian Orthodox church inherited Bizance which at the concile of Nicea replaced Sabath by Sunday and prohibited the celebration of Sabath and Moedim as a Roman antisemitc act.

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