St. Petersburg: Israeli-Russian beaten to death by Muslim because he was Jewish

Michael Verevskoy 27, was murdered by a Muslim while walking home in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
According to Russian media, Verevskoy, who is Israeli, was brutally attacked on the night between March 28-29, as he walked home from a local convenience store.
The Muslim attacker, identified as Ahmed Kharsha, 36, who is a resident of the city, was arrested for committing the crime and was released shortly after on bail.
Russian police said that he was prohibited from leaving the city and added that they have not ruled out the possibility that the motive behind the fatal attack was anti-Semitic.
St. Petersburg: Israeli-Russian beaten to death by Muslim because he was Jewish
The attack took place overnight between March 28-29 when Verevskoy was shopping at the local supermarket on his way home when he was suddenly set upon by his Muslim assailant.
One Russian news website claimed that the incident occurred following a fight, but now investigators are looking into whether it was a premeditated murder.
On Monday, he was pronounced dead in the hospital, three days before he was to celebrate his 28th birthday and while his wife is in labor.
Verevskoy studied architecture and civil engineering at St. Petersburg State University and immigrated to Israel in 2010, before drafting into the IDF. He lived in Jerusalem until 2012.
He later returned to Russia where he got married and was an active member of the Jewish community and in St. Petersburg’s Choral Synagogue. He also volunteered for a non-profit organization for animals.

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