Ramming attack in Acre: 2 IDF soldiers, Border Police officer lightly wounded, Muslim terrorist shot and neutralized

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  1. Should Israel keep risking our good nature and grace to Israeli Palestinian Arabs or should Israeli Arabs join the struggle for peace inside and outside Israel.
    An Arab in Israel may feel safe from Jews as well as Arabs, in case they are the enemy wishing to come into Israel, but in fact Israel may be wiser to putting its Jews at risk inside our Jewish National Homeland.

  1. March 16, 2018

    […] this month, an Muslim terrorist Israeli citizen ran over and lightly-to-moderately wounded two soldiers, a border … in northern Israel in a terror […]

  2. March 29, 2018

    […] indictment was filed against a Muslim terrorist from northern Israel who drove into a Border Police officer, 2 IDF soldiers and a c… in what police confirmed was a terror […]

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