President Trump extends nuclear sanctions relief on Iran – for last time

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  1. Putting A MISTAKE ON HOLD is a poor solution when we are dealing with an obviously exploitative dishonest Iranian Leadership which under Islamic expansion hopes is taking advantage of all the foolish Nations which grants Iran Grace.
    There is no grace from these war mongers and conquest driving group of Ayatollahs who are exploiting the free people of Iran and expending wars along and beyond Iranian borders, just in the false hope to make history while stuffing theirs pockets while acting like evil rulers who appear holy, wise and calm.

  1. March 13, 2018

    […] Donald Trump is required under the Iran deal to waive sanctions against Tehran again in May, which the administration said in January it had done for the last time. With Pompeo at the helm of the State Department, some believe that threat could easily become a […]

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