Luxury Berlin hotel erases Israel from phonebook by Muslim request

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  1. Louis Joffe says:

    Apology too late,boycott this group on antisemitic hotels

  2. Isac Boian says:

    An now, let us see if in the corrected dial code list, Israel’s name will really appear.
    Or if will be at all a corrected list.

  3. a great mistake on behalf of the hotel to delete israels dialing code just to appease arab clients. i do hope all their jewish and israeli customers will cancell bookings.

  4. Jews should not go to Germany.We cannot forget and with this we cannot forgive.

  5. Can EU fans have Britain’s code deleted due to Brexit? Can Spaniards do the same to Gibraltar? North Koreans to South Korea? Republican Cypriots to Turkey? Just askin’.

  6. Larry Rivetz says:

    Israel should see if this action violates German law. The Germans are sensitive to anti.-Semitism. Perhaps this is a crime under German law.

  7. Kenpinski Hotels management shame on you !

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