Israel sunk the Titanic – New hashtag roils against anti-Israel media bias

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  1. A joke, right? Just because Iceberg sounds Jewish like Goldberg? 🙂

  2. Since the Titanic sank in 1912 and Israel was not a State till 1948 – ummm gee facts

  3. I actually used this tactic twice: responding to antisemitic theorists on FB posts by adding the sinking of the Titanic by Eisberg as yet another Jewish misdeed. People fell for it both times. One asked me for bio details on Eisberg. I told him the details are murky; nine-tenths of what the guy did was under the surface…

  4. chanastours says:

    This is so much how the news in Israel is presented in the world.

  5. CNN, a “news outlet” of the XX Century is antisemitic. Good thing we’re in the XXI Century when it will become less and less relevant by the year. See? We are making news right now just by blogging here leaving a reply — and that is the market of ideas at work, which threatens CNN, a “respectable” media player because, guess what, it’s not really respectable! AND WE ALL KNOW IT NOW!

  6. Roger Smith says:

    OMG, if it’s not global warming, alien abductions, Big Foot sightings or the purple slinky it’s THIS ….. those darn Jews

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