Israel holds carcasses of 2 Muslim terrorists eliminated Friday

Israel reportedly holds the carcass of one of the Muslim terrorists who opened fire at IDF forces on Friday in the northern Gaza Strip, two big Arab media bodies reported on Sunday.
Israel holds carcass of 2 Muslim terrorists eliminated Friday (4)
Masab Salul, 23, a resident of Az-Zawayda and a member of Hamas’s military wing, shot at IDF soldiers on the other side of the border along with another Muslim terrorist.
2 armed Muslim terrorists shot and eliminated in a gunfight with IDF forces
The troops responded with gunfire at the terrorists, tank and aircraft fire at Hamas and Islamic Jihad observation positions in the north and south of Gaza.
Israel holds carcass of 2 Muslim terrorists eliminated Friday
The terrorist’s family said they learned of his elimination when they saw his photo in Arab media.
Israel holds carcass of 2 Muslim terrorists eliminated Friday (2).jpg
While there were reports of the funerals of 15 other Muslim terrorists eliminated on Friday in riots on the border as part of the so-called “March of Return,” there were no reports of Salul’s funeral. Hamas terror group and its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, made no comment on the matter.
An Arab source in Gaza claimed the carcass of the second terrorist who carried out the shooting attack is also being held by Israel.
Israel holds carcass of 2 Muslim terrorists eliminated Friday (3)
At least ten terrorists out of the 16 eliminated by Israeli gunfire on the Gaza border Friday were terrorists, eight of which were members of Hamas, which said earlier that day only five of which were its members.
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The IDF’s Arabic-language spokesperson, Avichay Adraee, provided details on each terrorist eliminated via Twitter, showing that while five were indeed from the Sunni terror organization’s military wing, several members of the organization and other jihadists were omitted from their statement.
A spokesman for PA chairman Abbas’ Fatah says 14 of the Muslim terrorists eliminated yesterday while trying to attack Israeli territory, were Fatah members, trying to outscore. By that he admits that none were peaceful protesters.


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