ISIS burns 19 Yazidi women to death in Mosul for rejecting sex slavery

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  2. Dave Thorson says:

    ..And every moslem-friendly leftist SOB, news media or politician, and those like CNN, BBC, Merkel, May, Trudeau, Obama, Hag Hillary, John McCain, Turnbull, Macron is also guilty of their murder.

  3. bennoace says:

    After the 40-45 Jewish massacre by the Nazi´s Mankind has apparantly not learned and that these criminal acts today still exists should be an alarm bel signal to the United nations!! Get rid of the politics and Veto rights of the blocking powers and prevent these brutal murders by taking united military action and seperate the good from the bad to begin with!!

  4. Judy Rofe says:

    Couldn’t? Or Wouldn’t? There’s a difference. Where is the spine of a nation, a country a global refusal to bow down? Frankly, as pathetic as these “Wanna be’s if they could be”, these cowards who follow the movements of a paedophile are nothing more than the dirt we walk on. That’s enough to make me want to spit on them, to remind them, they are here on this earth for only a moment … just like the rest of us. What’s their point?

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