Gaza: Thousands protest worsening economic conditions due to PA, ISIS blockade

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  1. 1arritechno says:

    I was under the impression, that Hamas “Conflicts” continued to this day; with Israel, Fatah, the PLO & ISIS.
    With Hamas, “on side with Iran”, has created a greater divide within the Muslim World ; making all weaker.
    Their factional problems are a built like their tunnels ; their very means of escape, can equally bury them…

  2. It may be good news, now, that the people do take the proper action to better theirs life against the real exploiters and enemy inside the Palestinian people. For too many years, small groups pretending to be leaders have been misleading and exploiting the people who trusted them, ans now that the trust is ended, the big change is needed, so that real honest caring leaders can rise up, without hate and religious agendas blaming others then themselves for the evil and oppression of the people.

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