Hundreds of Muslim rioters broke into Mercy Gate, rise terror flag on Temple Mount

Hundreds of Muslim rioters broke into the Mercy Gate on Friday, a large structure on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that was closed several years ago based on a court order because the group running the area was found to have ties to Hamas.

It has been kept closed to stop illegal construction work by the Waqf.

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As part of the police preparations head of expected riots after prayers at the mosque in the Jewish holy site, on Thursday night the Police arrested 60 Muslim terrorists involved in incitement to violence.

Before the arrests, Muslim terrorists attempted to murder Jews by throwing firebombs at a bus near the Dung Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. At least 10 firebombs were thrown by the terrorists at a bus filled with families making their way to Jewish homes in the Village of Shiloah, in what appears to be a well-planned terror attack.

Earlier this week, the Police arrested several Muslim terrorists after they attempted to break into the Mercy Gate compound.

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Hamas, Fatah, and other terror groups and Arab factions called on its Muslim terrorists “to protect the al-Aqsa mosque” following the enforcement of the Mercy Gate closure.

The Fatah described the closure of the compound as “a crime and provocation of the feelings of all Muslims.”

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