Watch: Shlomi Shabat sings Ori Ansbacher’s poem during ‘City of Light’ rally in her memory

Thousands of Israelis attended Tuesday evening the “City of Light” rally in memory of Ori Ansbacher HY’D in Jerusalem.

Watch Shlomi Shabat sings Ori Ansbacher's poem during 'City of Light' rally in her memory (2).jpg

During the event, renowned Israeli singer Shlomi Shabat performed for the first time Ori’s poem “A World of Peace,” which he composed after her murder.

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19-year-old Ori was found brutally raped and murdered by a Muslim terrorist on February 7th in the Ein Yael forest, located near the Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo and the Arab village of Walaja.

Ori, 19, from the Jewish community of Tekoa, was serving in the Civilian National Service (Sherut Leumi), working in a youth treatment center in Emek Rafaim.

A gag order imposed immediately after the terror attack was partially lifted to reveal the arrest of the Muslim terrorist, but all other details of the barbaric murder remain barred from publication.

Face of Evil Muslim terrorist who slaughtered Israeli girl faces charges of murder and rape (3)

Arafat Irfaiya, the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered Ori was brought to court last week for the extension of his arrest on the charges of murder and rape.

The Muslim terrorist is believed to be affiliated with the Hamas terror group and was previously imprisoned.  Transcripts of  his interrogation from 2017, after he was arrested at the entrance to the Temple Mount with a large kitchen knife in his pocket, reveal that he said: “I will do it again, I will buy a knife again and I will come back here to go to jail or be a martyr”.