Rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians in southern Israel

BREAKING: A rocket fired by Muslim terrorists in Gaza exploded in an open area in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, causing no physical injuries or damages.

No code red sirens sounded.

“Contrary to reports, no rocket was fired from Gaza into Israeli territory”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

After initially confirming that a rocket exploded in Sha’ar Hanegev, the Regional Council now backtrack and says that a piece of “shrapnel” landed in the region.

Hundreds of Muslim terrorists are rioting tonight in several locations along the security border fence with Israel, as they have been doing every night for the last week.

They are burning tires, throwing rocks, grenades, bombs, firebombs, fireworks at IDF troops and attempting to sabotage the fence in order to invade Israel and murder Jews.

At least 200 explosive devices were reportedly thrown at IDF troops during the ongoing riots.

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IDF soldiers are responding with riot dispersal means including live fire at main terrorists, in accordance with the rules of engagement.

An IDF soldier was wounded yesterday after an explosive device was thrown at him by Muslim terrorists during violent riots along the northern Gaza border.