Netanyahu on journalist’s statement against IDF soldiers: They are protecting us against those who want to slaughter us

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

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On a journalist’s statements against IDF soldiers Netanyahu said:

“Yesterday I thought I did not hear correctly when I turned on the television. I heard an infuriating statement against IDF soldiers by a senior journalist, a news anchor. I would like to say that this statement is inappropriate and must be condemned – in a firm and comprehensive manner.

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“I am proud of IDF soldiers. They are protecting us and we are carrying out the supreme humanitarian and moral mission of defending our people and protecting our country against those who want to slaughter us. The journalist’s words deserve all condemnation.”

Oshrat Kotler, the Channel 13 news anchor who referred to the IDF soldiers as “human animals”, is being summoned to an official disciplinary hearing with Channel 13 executives.

The office of the Second Authority for Television and Radio has received thousands of complaints against Kotler since the Statement was released on television Saturday.

More than 40,000 sign petition urging Channel 13 to fire anchor Oshrat Kotler    ✍️

On the Warsaw peace and security conference Netanyahu said:

“I returned over the weekend from the Middle East peace and security conference in Warsaw. I met there with US Vice President Mike Pence and American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The bond between Israel and the US is stronger than ever.

“There was a historic change at this conference of great importance to Israel: There were 60 foreign ministers and envoys from countries there, including Arab countries with which we do not have relations, who sat together with Israel and took the stand that we set against Iran”.

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“I told them that the Iranian aggression is the main factor undermining the Middle East and the entire world and that we must prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons and block its military entrenchment in Syria. We will continue to act at all times in order to ensure the security of Israel.”

On the Prime Minister’s meeting with Russian President Putin:

“On Thursday I will meet in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I will discuss with him the continued strengthening of the coordination mechanism in order to prevent friction between the IDF and the Russian military. These talks are very important and are part of our continuing effort to ensure freedom of action for the State of Israel against Iran and its proxies, which declare their intention of using Syria as a front in their war to destroy Israel.”

On the law to deduct terrorists’ salaries:

“Today I will submit for Cabinet approval the [legislation on] deducting of the terrorists’ salaries from the Palestinian Authority funds. Security officials will brief the Cabinet on the scope of the funds. This is an important law which we have advanced, and today we will pass it exactly as I promised.”

By the end of the week, the staff work necessary for implementing the law on deducting terrorists’ salaries will be completed. Next Sunday I will convene the Security Cabinet and we will approve the necessary decision to deduct the funds. Let nobody doubt, the funds will be deducted, at the start of next week.”

On the approval of a budget for the Jewish Fighters Museum in Latrun:

“Today we are keeping another promise that we made a few years ago to our cherished veterans. The government will approve today an additional budget for the completion of the Jewish Fighters Museum project in Latrun. This memorial site will now also include a display of the Jewish fighters who fought in World War II. I have the greatest admiration for them – they deserve this.”