Turkey: Israeli-Arab student murdered by father and brother in suspected honor killing

A 20-year-old Israeli-Arab girl from the northern town of Umm al-Fahm was found murdered late Wednesday in Turkey’s coastal town of Izmit.

Her body was found in the evening hours on Wednesday outside the building where she lived, after falling from a third-floor balcony. Her death was portrayed by her relatives as a suicide.

Turkish media reports stated that Siwar Keblawi resided in Izmit with her father and attended university in the city.

Police launched an investigation following CCTV footage and testimonies by neighbors who said they saw her being hurled from the balcony. Other witnesses said they saw a man running out of the building.

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Police now believe she jumped from a balcony in an attempt to escape from her father and brother and was strangled shortly thereafter.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated that the Israeli consul in Istanbul, Ronen Levy, as well as the ministry’s department for Israelis living abroad were in contact with the family and are acting to bring Siwar to burial in Israel.