Watch: Rafael unveils new footage of Tammuz 5 precision guided missile firing test

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled footage of a series of recently completed launching trials of Spike NLOS missiles, known in Israel as Tamuz 5, from a lightweight launching platform that can operate from a small Tomcar field vehicle.

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SPIKE NLOS is a 30 km Precision Guided Missile, part of the 5th generation electro-optical SPIKE family, operational today in 31 countries worldwide. The video shows the firing of the SPIKE NLOS missile to above 25 km at various target types and at a range of firing trajectories (both very low and very high) ‒ defined according to the mission, scenario, and target type.

Last year, RAFAEL unveiled a light, modular launcher for the SPIKE NLOS missile, integrated on a light buggy.

This SPIKE Launcher – only 1350 kg, including 8 rounds – provides armies and Special Forces with a low-weight, maneuverable, precision element that can be easily air-deployed deep into enemy territory and directly to the attack point target (static and mobile) with very high precision, and with no dependence on GPS.