WATCH: IDF officer hit in the helmet in a shooting attack on the Gaza border

A Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese TV channel released a video showing footage of a shooting attack in January on the Gaza border, in which an IDF officer was hit in the helmet by a bullet shot by Muslim terrorists, miraculously causing only light injuries.

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In the video, the IDF officer can be seen firing from a berm at Muslim terrorists who were rioting and attempting to infiltrate into Israel along the security border fence with Gaza.

A moment later, a gunshot is heard, and the sniper’s bullet is seen striking the soldier’s helmet, sending up a cloud of smoke and debris. He then grabs his head and takes cover.

WATCH Muslim terrorist fire hits IDF soldier's helmet near the Gaza border.jpg

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Following the shooting attack, the IDF targeted a Hamas observation post from where Muslim terrorists fired at the IDF troops. Hours later, the IDF bombed Hamas terror targets in Gaza, took control of the Hamas radio, and broadcasted warnings to Hamas terrorists and Gaza residents.