In Aftermath of Paris Attacks, French-Jewish Children Afraid to Attend School

Jewish students in Paris are afraid to go to school, and some families are opting to keep their children at home, Israeli Channel 2 news reported on Monday.

Reporting from Paris, theChannel 2 correspondent pointed out several armed soldiers protecting a Jewish school.

The correspondent said he was filming from a distance so as not to reveal any any visual details that could be used to identify the school’s location.

The beefed-up security at Jewish sites across Paris, and indeed across France, is an ongoing effort launched after the hostage crisis at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris in January that resulted in four dead victims.

“After Friday’s attacks, the heads of Jewish schools received phone calls from the Education Ministry and the police, to clarify and to reinforce the French commitment to security,” the Channel 2 correspondent said.

He noted that while many families were opting to keep their children at home for now, teachers and psychologists were arriving on campuses to discuss with students what happened and its potential consequences.

“France is a country in mourning right now, in shock. Fear is rampant right now, and this is has an influence on children as well,” said the Channel 2 reporter.