‘Hezbollah doesn’t need tunnels to invade Galilee’, Nasrallah threatens Israel

In his first public comments since Israel announced the discovery of terror tunnels dug by Muslim terrorists in order to infiltrate into Israel and slaughter Jews in their homes, Hezbollah terror group leader Hassan Nasrallah refutes rumors about his health and threatens to invade northern Israel.

“All the things being said about my health condition are lies and I don’t suffer from any disease or problem,” the Hezbollah terror group leader asserted, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer and hospitalized in Tehran in 2016.

Nasrallah said he is “surprised” Israel took so long to discover the terror tunnels, which violate the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, passed after the Second Lebanon War in 2006. “Some of those tunnels preceded the 2006 war,” he said.

“Hezbollah doesn’t need tunnels to invade Galilee,” the senior terrorist said, adding that in any future war with Israel, his terror group is capable of invading northern Israel.

Nasrallah has been hiding from Israel and threatening the Jewish state in televised speeches from underground bunkers for the past 13 years, since the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

The IDF launched “Operation Northern Shield” last November, to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels dug by Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group.

The operation deprived Hezbollah of a unique offensive capability it had built over the years as part of its plan to attack Israeli territory. The denial of ability undermined the ability of the terrorist organization to carry out its plans in the underground while improving the security situation in the northern arena and removing a threat from Israeli citizens.

IDF forces and the subterranean detection laboratory will continue to operate regularly along the Lebanese border.