Hamas terror group refuses to take Qatar’s $15 million, minutes after Israel okays the transfer

Hamas informed Qatar it will not accept a $15 million into Gaza, the terror group’s deputy chief said minutes after Israel confirmed that it had approved the transfer of the Qatari funds.

Khalil al-Haya said that Israel has failed to abide by its agreement to permit the funds to enter Gaza every month.

According to Arab reports, he added that Gaza will not become a pawn in the upcoming Israeli election.

Hamas terror group refuses to take Qatar's $15 million, minutes after Israel okays the transfer.jpg

The transfer that was to be delivered next was delayed for more than two weeks following an escalation in terror attack along Israel’s border with Gaza.

Earlier Thursday, Israel confirmed it had approved the transfer of $15 million from Qatar following recommendations from the security establishment officials.

The money was expected to be distributed at the end of the week. An envoy from Qatar, Mohammad Al- Emadi, arrived in Israel on Wednesday to make preparations for the transfer.

The IDF deployed additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries Thursday morning in the Jerusalem area, central and southern Israel, in preparation for a possible escalation and missile attacks from Syria or Gaza.

IDF troops come under fire near Syrian border - Additional Iron Dome batteries deployed in central Israel

In addition, the IDF called up Iron Dome reserve units.