Venezuela: Opposition leader swears himself in as interim president

BREAKING: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó took an oath swearing himself in as the South American country’s interim president on Wednesday, as hundreds of thousands marched to demand the end of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Juan Guaidó told a rally in Caracas that Maduro – who began his second six-year term as president on Thursday amid a tempest of international condemnation – was an illegitimate “usurper”.

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The 35-year-old politician claimed that he, therefore, had the constitutional right to assume leadership of the country until fresh elections were held.

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President Donald Trump said in White House release that he is “officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as the Interim President of Venezuela.”

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President Trump is prepared to recognize the leader of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled congress — and not President Nicolás Maduro — as the head of Venezuela, CNN reported earlier on Wednesday.

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Citing three unnamed sources, the network said the White House would make the announcement if and when National Assembly President Juan Guaidó declares himself president. Washington, Colombia, Perú, and others have already said they consider Maduro illegitimate and see Congress as the last bastion of democracy.