True or False? PM Netanyahu addresses Iranian people in new YouTube video

True or False❓

Israel sent agriculture experts to Iran – True
Israel sent engineers to help build Tehran’s Airport – True
Israel sent rescue teams to Iran to help earthquake victims – True

Hard to believe? That’s because all this happened before 1979.

But 40 years ago, the Ayatollahs took over Iran, turned it into an Islamic State ruled by terror and declared war on Israel.

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Who has suffered most?

The people of Iran.

Food prices have soared, as freedoms have been squashed.

I’ve promised to help the Iranian people wherever possible. Last year I offered once more to provide relief to Iranian earthquake victims. The regime refused this offer to help.

I launched a site in Farsi to provide water expertise to Iranians suffering from a severe drought. The regime refused this offer to help as well. Fortunately, thousands of Iranians visited the site.

I keep my promises. Not so the regime in Tehran.

The nuclear agreement gave Iran more than 40 billion dollars in 2017 in increased oil production. But the tyrants in Tehran did not invest in building roads, schools or hospitals. Instead, the money went into the pockets of senior regime officials, and a good part of it went to fund terrorism in the Middle East and beyond.

The people of Iran deserve better. The people of Israel stand with you.

I hope that one day our peoples and our countries will once again be able to work side by side. When that day comes, I promise you: we will all benefit.