Passenger plane lands in Siberian city after would-be hijacker demands plane fly to Afghanistan

An Aeroflot flight from the Siberian city of Surgut to Moscow was forced to land some 240km short of its destination after a would-be hijacker reportedly demanded to diverted the plane to Afghanistan.

A flight tracking website showed a jet that had been headed toward Moscow from Surgut, 2,150 kilometers northeast of the capital, had turned around and was flying in roughly the opposite direction.

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Flight SU1515 has landed in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, Aeroflot has confirmed. The would-be hijacker has reportedly been detained.

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Sources say the plane landed after the crew convinced the hijacker that the plane requires refueling.

The would-be hijacker could be mentally unstable, and has been detained multiple times before for drunken disorderly behavior, a source has told Interfax news agency.

At least 10 police squads were dispatched to the airport, according to a RIA Novosti reporter at the scene.