Israel, US successfully tests ‘Arrow’ anti-ballistic missile system

Israel and the US Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Arrow 3 missile system Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said. The Arrow 3 is meant to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere.

The launch from the Palmachim Air Base was led by Israel Aerospace Industries with the participation of the Israel Air Force, tested upgrades done to the Arrow 3 system.

The test was done at around 6:44am, with many residents in the area reporting hearing an explosion and seeing the trail of a missile launch in the sky.

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The radar identified the target and passed the data on to the control center. There the data was analyzed and a flight plan was programmed. When the program was complete, the Arrow 3 was launched toward the target and destroyed it successfully.

Israel successfully tested the Arrow 3 system for the first time about a year ago, yet they did not use a real target. This test is the first successful test, in which the Arrow 3 intercepted a target.

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The Defense Ministry said that “the success of the test is an important milestone in the State of Israel’s operational capability to defend itself against future and existing existential threats in the region.”

The Arrow 3 is an Israeli developed, long-range, surface-to-surface missile system considered one of the best anti-missile defense systems in the world, due to its long-range capabilities and high precision level.

The current version of the Arrow 3, considered the next generation of defense systems, is intended to take on long-range ballistic missiles, which are capable of carrying nuclear payloads, such as those currently in development in Iran.

The test comes a day after Israel attacked Iranian targets Sunday night in Syria hours after its Iron Dome system intercepted a surface-to-surface missile launched from Syria following a strike on an airport south of Damascus on Sunday, which was attributed to Israel.

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The head of Iran’s air force has threatened his country is ‘impatient’ to fight Israel and ‘eliminate it from the Earth’ – after the Israeli response.