Muslim terrorists riot and attempt to invade Israel along the Gaza border

As every Friday after Mosque, some 13,000 Muslim terrorists were rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks, firebombs, explosive devices, sabotaging the security border fence and attempting to infiltrate into Israel in order to murder Jews.

IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means including live fire towards main terrorists, in accordance with the rules of engagement.

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The Hamas-ruled health ministry in Gaza said only 35 Muslim terrorists, 3 paramedics, and 2 journalists were wounded during the riots.

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Israel will decide whether to allow the next delivery of Qatari money to enter Gaza based on the level of violence at the protests, Kan public broadcaster reported yesterday.

According to rumors, ahead of the April 9 election, PM Netanyahu may be mulling walking back understandings with Hamas given the political price of pictures depicting suitcases of money arriving in Gaza.

IDF raises level of alert along the Gaza border (3)

Earlier on Friday, IDF soldiers identified a Gazan who crossed the security fence into Israel from northern Gaza. The Muslim terrorist, likely sent by Hamas, was caught wearing an IDF uniform.

Muslim terrorist infiltrates into Israel - IDF raises level of alert along the Gaza border