Following Paris Attacks, Iranian Media Resurrects Jewish Conspiracy Libels

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency published an op-ed on Monday rife with Jewish conspiracy theories.

According to the piece, “In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, it is certain once again that French Jews were aware that the massacre would occur, exactly like the September 11 attacks 14 years earlier, when Jews employed at the Twin Towers did not show up for work.”

The article also twisted a quote by French-Israeli Journalist Jonathan-Simon Sellem about officials in the French-Jewish community having been informed of the very real possibility of an impending large-scale terrorist attack in the country — and were accordingly on high alert — into proof of malicious Jewish foreknowledge.

“What has become apparent is that Zionist media and officials planned to exploit this incident just as they did with the Charlie Hebdo attack on January 7, 2015,” the writer asserted.

The Zionists were exploiting these attacks, claimed the writer, in order to implement their “private goals.” He cited French journalist Dominique Rizet’s comparison between the attacks in France and terrorist attacks carried out against Israel — and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s solidarity with France and offer of intelligence cooperation — as proof.

The op-ed also falsified a Times of Israel piece, claiming that the Bataclan theater — where 89 attendees at the Eagles of Death Metal concert were murdered — provided funding to the Israeli army. The originalTOI article states that “the Jewish [former] owners often put on pro-Israel events,” at the theater.