Syria: 4 US soldiers among the murdered in ISIS suicide attack targeting coalition forces

BREAKING: Four US troops are reportedly among the killed in a suicide bombing on a busy shopping street, near Umara’ Castle restaurant in central Manbij, northern Syria.

A US official said four US troops had been killed and three wounded in the blast.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said US-backed coalition forces were the intended target of the terror attack. SOHR says “at least” 19 people were killed or injured in the blast in the Al-Ummara restaurant.

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One foreign member of the coalition was killed and another critically injured, the monitor said.  Seven civilians were killed and 10 more were injured, SOHR added. The number is likely to rise.

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According to sources, two US soldiers and one MMC fighter were killed at the scene and four more US soldiers were evacuated by helicopter. Their condition is unknown.

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ISIS terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack via its al-Amaq media agency.