Terror in Kenya: 21 murdered after masked Muslim terrorists storm Dusit Hotel in Nairobi

BREAKING: Ongoing terror attack at Dusit Hotel in Riverside, Nairobi. Gunfire and explosions reported near upscale hotel complex in Kenya’s capital.

A British and an American are among 21 people murdered after four Muslim terrorists sprayed guests with bullets and a suicide bomber blew himself up in a terror attack on a luxury hotel in Kenya.

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The bodies were identified based on identification documents on them when they arrived at Chiromo mortuary.

Eleven others were Kenyan and two did not have identification papers, a source said.

The terror attack began with a suicide bomber blowing himself up and armed Muslim terrorists detonating car bombs, throwing grenades and opening fire on civilians.

The attack on the Dusit hotel complex – which also houses offices and banks – sent people fleeing for their lives. More than three hours after the attack began, small groups of workers were still being taken out by officers escorting them to armored vehicles.

The Nairobi police commander Philip Ndolo said they had cordoned off the area around Riverside Drive. A spokesperson for the police said they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

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‘We are under attack,’ a person in an office inside the complex told Reuters, then hung up.

Footage from the scene shows cars on fire and injured people being helped away from the scene.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. “We are currently conducting an operation in Nairobi,” the terror group’s spokesman told several media outlets.

“Our fighters killed 47 enemies inside the complex. The mujahideen are still in control of most parts of the building complex,” the spokesman-terrorist told Al Jazeera.

The country faced a spate of terror attacks after it sent its army into Somalia in October 2011 to fight the Al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab terror group.

On April 2, 2015, another Shabaab attack killed 148 people at the university in Garissa, eastern Kenya.

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UPDATE: An American Jewish businessman was one of at least 15 people murdered in Nairobi, a State Department official said.

The American victim, Jason Spindler, was the head of a consulting firm with offices located in the hotel complex that was attacked.