IDF nabs Muslim terror cell behind shooting attack at Jewish community near Jerusalem

The IDF announced that it had nabbed a Muslim terror cell responsible for the shooting attack last Saturday at the Jewish community of Migdal Oz, south of Jerusalem.

According to the IDF, late last Saturday night the Muslim terrorists opened fire from a rooftop in the Arab village of Beit Fajjar at the Israeli town of Migdal Oz next door.

No injuries or damage was reported in the terror attack.

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An IDF spokesperson refused to disclose the number of Muslim terrorists arrested as part of the investigation by the IDF’s Etzion Brigade, Israel Police, and Shin Bet.

“Over the last week, IDF troops conducted a series of arrests in the area of the Etzion Regional Brigade, while Israel Police and Shin Bet forces simultaneously investigated the shooting attack targeting Migdal Oz, southwest of Bethlehem that took place last week. The efforts ultimately led to the apprehension of the terror squad. The troops seized the weapons used in the shooting and apprehended the assailants, as well,” the IDF spokesperson said.

“IDF field observers in the regional brigade’s situation room spotted the suspects and alerted the troops, who arrived at the village and searched the area while investigations regarding the incident took place. Following the arrests made earlier in the week, the cell was caught and taken into custody.”

Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Benny Kata, who led the arrest operation, praised the soldiers involved in the operation.

“Closing this circle was possible thanks to the field observers’ professional work and the combat soldiers in the field. We will continue operating against anyone who aims to harm civilians in the area.”

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan visited the Israel Police Special Anti-Terror Unit base yesterday, to commend the fighters for recent operations.

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Netanyahu met with unit fighters and commended them for their work in apprehending the Muslim terrorists who carried out the attacks in Ofra, Barkan and Givat Asaf.

“Every enemy of Israel knows that Israel’s arm will reach him, via the fighters of the Special Anti-Terror Unit and the Shin Bet,” Netanyahu said.