Teen-girl stabbed in Jerusalem – Manhunt underway

BREAKING: A 15-year-old teenage girl was stabbed by a Muslim terrorist while she was standing at a bus stop in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood.

The teen called MDA and returned to her home, where emergency first responders found her lightly wounded with multiple stab wounds.

Security forces are investigating the stabbing attack. Manhunt for the terrorist underway.

Today two years ago, a Muslim terrorist rammed a truck into a group of IDF soldiers disembarking from a bus on the Armon Hanatziv Esplanade in East Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood, murdering 4 and injuring 15 Israelis.

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Two years later, Tawhid al-Jihad, an ISIS-linked Salafist group in Gaza published a banner claiming one of their terrorists was behind the truck-ramming attack.