Watch – Gabon: Military coup unfolding while president undergoes medical treatment in Morocco

BREAKING: Soldiers in Gabon have launched a coup while the country’s president, Ali Bongo, is undergoing medical treatment in Morocco.

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Soldiers were heard on national radio on early Monday morning, saying they were disappointed by Bongo’s message to the nation and announced that they were setting up a “restoration council.”

According to local reports, the Republican Guard was taking power of the oil-rich nation. It’s unknown if the group is backed by the entire army.

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The soldier who read the message, who identified himself as Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang, urged fellow soldiers and citizens to get weapons and to take control of military bases, checkpoints, airports, and transportation.

President Ali Bongo, the son of former leader Omar Bongo, has been in power since October 2009. Ali Bongo, who is 59, was hospitalized in Saudi Arabia in October for an apparent stroke and was later transferred to Morocco.