Watch – US: Swastikas scrawled on Brooklyn apartment of Jewish widow of Holocaust survivor

Miryam Marc, a 77-year-old Jewish woman whose husband survived the Holocaust, was shocked to find two huge swastikas scrawled on her Brooklyn apartment door.

“I don’t do nothing wrong to nobody. Why they come to me?” Miryam Marc wondered aloud.

Miryam was horrified to find two 12-inch red swastikas outside her apartment door while she was observing Shabbat on Saturday afternoon.

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“This is very, very big. Then I see this I am in a shock, in a shock and I’m like choking. I cannot talk,” she said.

Miryam said her late husband survived the Holocaust, and when she was a young girl her mother took her and her siblings from Europe to Israel to escape persecution.

“We have to stop this. We have to stop. We need to take this very, very hard and to catch him and to punish him,” Miryam said.

Miryam attends a weekly holocaust survivors group. She said she’s afraid to go Monday.

“Now I am very, very, very depressed and I am scared even in the night. I cannot sleep,” she said.