Egypt: 40 Muslim terrorists planning to slaughter Christians eliminated in raids after tourist bus bombed

Egyptian security forces have eliminated 40 Muslim terrorists in three separate raids in North Sinai and Giza.

The Interior Ministry explained that it received information that these terrorists were planning to carry out terror attacks against state facilities and Christian places of worship along with men of the Armed Forces and Police.

The ministry did not say whether the Muslim terrorists were connected to Friday’s attack but said its forces eliminated 30 terrorists during raids on their hideouts in Giza.

Security forces also killed 10 Muslim terrorists in North Sinai, where the country is fighting ISIS terrorists.

This comes after the murder of three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian guide when a roadside bomb planted by Muslim terrorists hit a tourist bus on the Mariouteya Road in the pyramid district, one of the most famous streets in greater Cairo.

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At least 10 others were injured in the terror attack.

Earlier this week, Egyptian security forces arrested four Muslim terrorists members of the Hasm branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, who were planning to carry out terror attacks targeting Christian Copts during the New Year’s celebrations.

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