Greece: Blast outside Athens church wounds police officer

An explosive device wounded a police officer when it went off outside a church in central Athens early on Thursday.

The explosion occurred outside the Saint Dionysios church in the Kolonaki district in central Athens around 7 am local time.

According to the state media, a police officer was injured as a result of the blast. The explosion occurred when the policeman began to examine a suspicious package left outside the Saint Dionysios church, located on one of the main streets of the district.

Greece Blast outside Athens church wounds police officer (2).jpg

“The police officer spotted a box outside the entrance of the church and thought it was strange. The blast was not powerful, the officer was injured in the face and hands,” a police official said.

Police are investigating the incident, while no terror groups have claimed responsibility for the explosion.

In recent years, a series of attacks on public institutions have been carried out by left-wing organizations.