“Kick them out”: Syrian women want their men back

The civil war in Syria has led to a shortage of young and healthy men since they were either killed, eliminated or fled to Western countries.

Now the Syrian women want their chickens back and ask the countries that have received them to “kick them out” so that they are forced to return and “help rebuild the country again”.

Now the war is nearing its end, with President Donald Trump declaring victory over ISIS and withdrawing all US forces from the area.

However, the long bloody war has left deep traces in Syria’s demographics.

During a visit to Syria, Sweden’s radio journalist Johan-Mathias Sommarström reported that “about 70 percent of those I meet are young women”.

Kick them out Syrian women want their men back (2).jpg

Lina, a woman Sommarström interviewed, says the lack of young men is a big problem for the country that needs to be built up after the war.

She thinks Assad should grant amnesty for those seeking to escape military service. And she also has proposals for other countries that have received many young men from Syria:

– “The solution is to kick them out and get them to Syria where they can start building the country again”, says Lina.