Gaza: Muslim terrorist squished to death in terror tunnel collapse

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist was squished to death in a terror tunnel collapse in northern Gaza, according to Arab reports.

Residents of southern Israeli towns near the Gaza border reported intensive activity of Israeli fighter jets overhead.

Earlier on Thursday, the Sderot municipality announced that testing by the IDF following resident’s reports of hearing the sounds of terrorists digging tunnels did not produce any unusual findings.

Gaza Muslim terrorist squished to death in terror tunnel collapse.PNG

“It is important to note that five new residential neighborhoods are currently being built in Sderot, some not far from the neighborhood where the residents reported the noise.”

“In addition, the IDF has completed the barrier opposite Sderot, whose goal is to identify tunnels directed toward the city, and therefore there is a very high chance that if a tunnel were dug, the IDF’s technological means would identify it. We reiterate that we thank the residents for their vigilance and every report on the matter is immediately relayed to the army and police forces for examination,” the municipality said in a statement.

The IDF has begun destroying Hezbollah terror tunnels discovered across the northern border during Operation Northern Shield.