IDF begins to destroy terror tunnels dug by Hezbollah to butcher Israelis in their homes

The IDF has begun destroying Hezbollah terror tunnels discovered across the northern border during Operation Northern Shield.

The IDF spokesman said that the destruction “will take place in stages,” and that “the tunnels will become unusable to Hezbollah.”

“Our effort to expose additional tunnels continues according to plan”, the IDF said in a statement.

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“Israeli families in northern Israel are currently hearing explosions coming from the western area of the Blue Line between Lebanon and Israel. This is the sound of IDF soldiers destroying Hezbollah attack tunnels and a sound that will surely provide them great relief”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit twitted.

The IDF’s spokesperson in Arabic told Lebanese citizens in a video he released on Twitter not to come close to Hezbollah’s terror tunnels on the border.

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“The IDF is blowing up an offensive tunnel into Israeli territory from the village of Ramiya,” said Major Avichai Ederi.  “The IDF warns against civilians staying in the area of the tunnel route in Lebanese territory.”

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The IDF launched “Operation Northern Shield” to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels dug by Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group. The IDF has discovered at least four tunnels as of Thursday.

Israel and the United States on Wednesday urged a special session of the U.N. Security Council to condemn the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah and designate it a terrorist organization following the discovery of the cross-border tunnels.