Displaying French flag is ‘hypocrisy,’ some contend

While many people around the world are superimposing a French flag on their social media profiles in solidarity with the victims of Friday’s terror attacks, there were some in Israel and abroad who felt that France was not “deserving” of the symbols of sympathy being bestowed on it by a mourning world.

“There are children being slaughtered daily in Syria, and in Iraq Yazidi women are molested and sold into bondage. There is a genocide going on,” wrote one Israeli on Facebook. “I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t express sympathy with France, but why is it that when it is French blood that is spilled the world is shocked? Why are we less shocked when Kurdish blood is spilled? Even right now there are thousands of crimes against humanity being committed in Syria and Iraq by ISIS. A Kurdish flag would be much more appropriate.”

Some Israelis protested the idea of posting a French flag on their profile because of that country’s perceived lack of sympathy towards Israel when terror strikes here. One Twitter user said that he would change his profile flag to a French one “when the French post an Israeli flag after we experience a terror attack. I have only one flag and I hate hypocrites!”

In response to that post, a user from France said that many people there do sympathize with Israel when it faces trouble. “This is not the time to settle ‘national accounts’ – people are dead and we are all suffering. I would recommend a little love and humanity to all, and to stay away from politics, but to suffer along with the families who lost loved ones.”

Others around the world expressed similar ideas. One Facebook user from Pakistan wrote: “I also condemn [the] Paris attack, and I also believe that all humanity should condemn this incident, but I also condemn the hypocrisy of [the] western imperial mindset and… believe that all humanity must [think] about this,” while a user from Africa, highlighting an April massacre in Kenya, called those putting the French flag on their profile “brainwashed.”