WATCH – PM Netanyahu: Hezbollah puts all of Lebanon at risk – UN must take action on terror tunnels

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday urged the UN Security Council to take action against Hezbollah tunnels dug under the Israel border from Lebanon.

Speaking ahead of a Security Council session on the issue, Netanyahu said the UN presence in Lebanon, UNIFIL, should have unrestricted access to all areas of southern Lebanon and warned that Israel would defend itself.

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“The Lebanese Army failed to take action to protect their own territory,” Netanyahu said, adding that they have failed to stop Hezbollah from growing into the threat it poses today to the region and specifically to Israel.

“The people of Lebanon have to understand that Hezbollah is putting them in jeopardy. And we expect Lebanon to take action against this, to protest against this, not to give in to this. And the fact that the Lebanese army is doing nothing means that they are either unable or unwilling or both to do anything about this. But it doesn’t absolve Lebanon’s culpability. Their territory is being used to attack our territory. Their territory is being used to dig terror tunnels, to terrorize, kidnap and murder our citizens. Therefore, we hold Lebanon accountable.

Now we think the international community should hold Iran, Hezbollah and Lebanon accountable and it should act accordingly. Because what you’re seeing is not merely a grave violation of our sovereignty and our security, but a grave violation of any nation’s security.

Hezbollah is using now every third house in villages in southern Lebanon for these aggressive purposes. Every third house.

And the UN knows this”.

“I demand that UNIFIL meet its mandate,” Netanyahu said, adding that the organization must report “any violations” of UN Resolution 1701 to both the United Nations and Israel.

“I hope the UNSC stands up for the truth and takes the necessary action,” Netanyahu said, and called on the UN Security Council to “stand up for truth and peace and security and take necessary action.”

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The IDF launched “Operation Northern Shield” to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels dug by Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group.

The IDF has discovered at least four tunnels as of Wednesday.

Yesterday,  UNIFIL confirmed for the first time that two Hezbollah terror tunnels crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory.

The announcement confirmed that the tunnels were a violation of UN Resolution 1701.

This is how a terror tunnel dug by Hezbollah terrorists looks like from the inside.

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The tunnels were dug by Muslim terrorists in order to infiltrate into Israeli towns and to murder innocent families in their homes.