Watch: Arab man who helped thwart terror attacks recounts torture for collaborating with Israel

In a rare meeting of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee, “Walid”, a resident of the Palestinian Authority who helped thwart terror attacks, described the severe torture committed by the PA security forces against suspected collaborators with Israel.

“I got the death sentence for stopping blood from being spilled, for stopping terror attacks,” said the man, identified only by his first name, Walid.

“Thanks to that, children are being raised and weren’t killed, and I did the job,” he added. “The punishment I received was the death sentence because I wanted peace rather than terror attacks.”

“From a young age, I was brought up in mosques and brainwashed that the Jews took the land. I entered an Israeli prison for car theft. There they performed a surgery on my leg. I received treatment and rehabilitation. I saw that these people, whom I was told are bad, provides me with assistance. I returned to the territories with a different mindset, that this people really helps others,” Walid said.

Acting Committee Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich (the Jewish Home) said “the State of Israel’s silence in the face of the torture of Arab residents during their arrest in the Palestinian Authority is the most unethical situation; when we identify a phenomenon that is a national calamity, we have to allocate resources and provide tools”.

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Attorney Kedem Barak, who represents 63 Arabs who were tortured in the PA, asserted there has been “electric shock, nail-pulling, and castration”.

“Two women were murdered without trial; a third woman was tortured and her eye was gouged out: Laila lost her husband due to the suspicion that he collaborated with Israel. In the wake of the elimination of Raad El Carmi, Laila’s son was arrested under the suspicion that he collaborated with Israel. His sister was brought to jail in order to make him confess. He confessed, and several hours later, they called the mother to come and take the girl’s body. They arrested Laila and her sister. Her sister was found shot on the street. And they gouged out Laila’s eye,” Barak said.


The Palestinian Authority’s Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Gheith was arrested last month for illegally collaborating with the PA’s security services.

Gheith was previously arrested and questioned by police on suspicion of being part of the kidnapping of East Jerusalem resident Issam Akel, who has American citizenship, to the Palestinian Authority after the latter was suspected of selling real estate to Jews.