18 wanted terrorists arrested in Judea-Samaria – Manhunt for terror cells behind shooting attacks continues

BREAKING: The IDF arrested 18 Muslim terrorists overnight in Judea and Samaria, who were wanted for involvement in terrorism and violent disorders directed against civilians and security personnel.

The terrorists were turned over to security agencies for further investigation.

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Early Monday morning, the IDF partially demolished the house of the Muslim terrorist who murdered Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi in a terror attack in the Barkan industrial zone two months ago.

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Yesterday the IDF cleared for publication that a few days ago, security forces found a Kalashnikov rifle and ammunition clips, with which a Muslim terrorist carried out the shooting attack near the Jewish community of Givat Assaf last Thursday.

A weapon snatched by the Muslim terrorist from one of the victims during the terror attack was found as well.

Cleared for publication Weapon used by Muslim terrorist in Givat Asaf attack found

The IDF is still hunting for the Muslim terrorists who carried out the drive-by shooting near the Jewish community of Givat Assaf in Binyamin in which two combat soldiers, Sgt. Yossi Cohen and Staff Sgt. Yovel Mor-Yosef were murdered and two others were wounded.

IDF soldiers murdered at Givat Assaf Yuval Mor Yosef, 20, and Yosef Cohen, 19

A Muslim terrorist connected to the shooting attacks in Ofra and Givat Assaf was caught and arrested by elite undercover forces in Ramallah on Saturday.

According to Arab reports, the terrorist was caught by the undercover forces and pulled out of a store in the terror nest of Kobar. He has been identified as Mohammed Barghouti, from the Barghouti clan of Muslim terrorists.

Muslim terrorist connected to Ofra, Givat Assaf shooting attacks caught and arrested in RamallahMuslim terrorist behind shooting attack near Ofra shot and eliminated - Another terrorist arrested in Ramallah area (3)

Last week, elite Yamam counter-terrorism forces shot and eliminated one of the Muslim terrorists behind the shooting attack near the Jewish community of Ofra.