Violent riots in Judea-Samaria, Gaza. Muslim terrorist eliminated during riots in Ramallah

As every Friday after mosque, some 10,000 Muslim terrorists were rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks, launching firebombs, grenades and attempting to sabotage the security border fence in order to infiltrate into Israel and murder Jews.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the grenades did not land on Israeli ground.

In addition, a number of Muslim terrorists crossed the border fence in the southern Gaza, reached Israel’s territory near the fence, and returned to Gaza once IDF forces arrived at the scene.

Violent riots in Judea-Samaria, Gaza. Muslim terrorist eliminated during riots in Ramallah (2).jpg

Hamas’s security forces prevented most of the Hamas-sponsored rioters from approaching the security fence.

The Hamas-ruled health ministry in Gaza said only 40 Muslim terrorists were wounded during the riots.

Violent riots broke out on Friday after mosque across Judea and Samaria following a surge of terrorism on Thursday when Muslim terrorists murdered two IDF soldiers in a drive-by shooting attack near Givat Assaf Junction in Binyamin. 

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IDF forces shot and eliminated a Muslim terrorist who was throwing rocks during violent riots in the Ramallah area.

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The terrorist has been identified as 18-year-old Mahmoud Nakhla. He was shot in the abdomen and critically wounded. Later, his condition improved to eliminated at a medical center in Ramallah.

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Palestinian Authority’s security forces prevented Hamas from holding a public rally in Hevron, on the 31st anniversary of the terror group. The forces covered the ground around the mosque from which the rally was supposed to take place, confiscated posters and detained several Hamas terror-fans.

Videos were posted on social media showing the Palestinian Authority’s security forces using batons against both male and female Hamas-sympathizers.

Hamas terror group condemned the violence while blaming Israel, among others.