WATCH: Wave of arrests near Hevron

The IDF, Border Police, and Judea-Samaria District Police arrested 22 Palestinian Arab terrorists overnight Saturday/Sunday. Of those, 13 were arrested on suspicion of acts of violence against civilians and security forces.

One terrorist was arrested in Deir Amar, northeast of Ramallah; three were arrested in Surif, northwest of Bethlehem; one was arrested in Al-Fawar, south of Hevron; one was arrested in Beyt Kil, northwest of Hevron; four were arrested in Bani Naim, southeast of Hevron; and six were arrested in Hevron itself.

In addition, several Hamas terrorists were arrested – two in Awa, west of Hevron, and one in Al-Hadab, southwest of Hevron.