IDF soldiers murdered at Givat Assaf: Yuval Mor Yosef, 20, and Yosef Cohen, 19

Combat soldiers from the Netzach Yehuda Battalion in the Kfir Brigade Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef (20), from Ashkelon and Corporal Yosef Cohen (19) from Beit Shemesh were identified as the soldiers who were murdered by Muslim terrorists in a drive-by shooting attack near Givat Assaf Junction in Binyamin.

Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef was posthumously raised in rank to staff sergeant. Cohen was posthumously raised in rank to sergeant.


Staff Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef and Sergeant Yosef Cohen were murdered and two other people were critically wounded Thursday morning in the shooting attack at a bus stop on Route 60. All four victims were in their 20s.

The wounded, a male IDF soldier and a civilian girl, were treated by emergency services and evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem for further treatment. The soldier suffered a gunshot wound to the head and is in critical condition, the hospital said. The girl’s condition remains serious but has stabilized, doctors said, adding that as of now, her life is no longer in danger.

Staff Sergeant Yuval is to be laid to rest on Friday morning at 11 am in a military funeral in the military cemetery in Ashkelon.

Civilian funeral services for Sergeant Yosef will leave Friday at 10:30 am from the funeral home in Shamgar Funeral Home to the cemetery on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

The IDF bolstered its troops and placed a closure on the area following the terror attack. The closure extends to and includes the city of Ramallah. The IDF expressed concern that the shooting could lead to copycat attacks and said it was exploring the possibility of a link between the shooting and Sunday’s terror attack near Ofra.

“We are continuing our counter-terrorism activities, including securing the area and searching for the attackers from both incidents,” the IDF said.

Later on Thursday, a Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after attempting to ram his car into IDF soldiers in the Arab village of El-Birah, near the Jewish community of Beit El in Binyamin.

The forces were hunting for the Muslim terrorists behind the terror attack near Givat Assaf Junction

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