France: Major police operation underway as manhunt for Christmas market terrorist continues

BREAKING: French police launched a major operation in the south of the city of Strasbourg as hundreds of officers hunt for the Muslim terrorist who murdered 3 people at Strasbourg Christmas market on Tuesday.

Police cars blocked a street as scores of officers carrying rifles and dressed in body armor gathered in the neighborhood of Neudorf, where the terrorist was last seen.

Part of the neighborhood which lies around 2km from the center and 5km from the German border has been cordoned off as specialist Swat teams move in.

Children at a nearby school were placed in lockdown while the operation took place, with parents told not to come and pick them up.

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A huge manhunt continued in France and Germany on Thursday to track down 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt, the Muslim terrorist behind the terror attack in the center of Strasbourg.

The terrorist shouted “allahu akbar” as he opened fire with a handgun and stabbed passers-by.

The toll now stands at 3 killed and 13 injured, with 5 still in critical condition.

The Strasbourg-born Muslim terrorist was known to authorities for radicalization.

Police revealed that his criminal record includes 25 court convictions, including many for armed robbery. He had been listed as a ‘threat to the state’ by the French security services.

He was due to be arrested on Tuesday morning for a previous robbery. He was not at home when police arrived, but grenades were found.

German authorities said the terrorist may have fled across the nearby border to the country, where he served multiple prison sentences.

After finishing his sentences in 2017 he was deported back to France, where he had also been in prison.

He also served time in a Swiss jail when, in 2013, he was sentenced to 18 months in Basel for several burglaries.

Members of the public are warned not to approach “the dangerous individual” but to alert authorities by contacting the emergency number 197.