Shooting attack in Binyamin: 2 IDF soldiers murdered, 2 critically wounded after Muslim terrorists open fire near Givat Assaf

BREAKING: Two IDF soldiers have been murdered by Muslim terrorists in a drive-by shooting attack on Route 60 at the Junction near the Jewish community of Givat Assaf in the Binyamin area.

Another two Israelis, a soldier and a civilian were wounded and are fighting for their lives. All four victims were in their 20s.

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One of the Muslim terrorists exited his vehicle and opened fire on soldiers and civilians standing at a bus stop at the Assaf Junction.

According to first reports, one of the terrorists was shot but they managed to flee. Massive manhunt underway.

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IDF forces located the car used in the drive-by shooting attack.

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The IDF bolstered its troops and placed a closure on the area following the terror attack. The closure extends to and includes the city of Ramallah. The IDF expressed concern that the shooting could lead to copycat attacks and said it was exploring the possibility of a link between the shooting and Sunday’s terror attack near Ofra.

“We are continuing our counter-terrorism activities, including securing the area and searching for the attackers from both incidents,” the IDF said.

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Arabs report that the IDF arrested a Muslim terrorist wearing what appears to be an IDF uniform, near the Hizma checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. The terrorist was involved in the drive-by shooting attack, according to reports.

Details to follow.

Shooting attack in Binyamin 3 wounded after Muslim terrorists open fire at Junction near Givat Assaf

Israeli security forces eliminated Muslim terrorist Ashraf Na’alwa in Shechem early Thursday, two months after he murdered Ziv Hagbi and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel at the Barkan industrial area in Samaria

The Shin Bet said the Muslim terrorist was armed when the forces arrived at his hiding place and was planning to carry out another terror attack.

Another Muslim terrorist who was on the scene was arrested for aiding Na’alwa’s escape.

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This comes hours after a separate operation to find the Muslim terrorists behind the terror attack near the Jewish community of Ofra. Counter-terrorism forces caught and eliminated one of the Muslim terrorists who attempted to murder an Israeli pregnant woman and succeeded in murdering the baby in her womb. A second terrorist was arrested.

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A Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after stabbing two Police officers in Jerusalem‘s Old City Thursday morning.

A 21-year-old policeman was lightly wounded and a 20-year-old policewoman was in moderate condition, according to MDA paramedics. The woman was rushed to Hadassah Ein Keren hospital.