? TEARS – Israel’s youngest terror victim: 3-day old premature baby Amiad Yisrael laid to rest

Dozens of people participated in the funeral of the 7-month baby born prematurely after his mother was critically wounded in the terror attack near Ofra.

The baby died after three days of efforts by doctors to save his life.

The baby’s parents, who were married less than a year ago, were both wounded in the terror attack and did not attend the funeral.

TEARS - Israel's youngest terror victim 7-month premature baby Amiad Yisrael laid to rest


Before burial, the baby was given the name Amiad Yisrael [my eternal nation Israel].

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks:

“Our hearts are with Shira and Amichai over the passing of their four-day-old son who did not even have a name. The murderers are abhorrent, the most deviant criminals on earth.
The security forces are pursuing them and I hope that there will be news soon on this matter. We will not slacken until we find them and deal with them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Heartbreaking - Premature baby whose mother was wounded by Muslim terrorists near Ofra has died

Earlier on Wednesday, one of the Muslim terrorists behind the shooting attack was shot and eliminated by elite Yamam counter-terrorism forces near the Arab village of Surda in the Ramallah area.

According to Arab reports, the terrorist has been identified as Salah Barghouti, a member of the Barghouti clan of  Muslim jihadists.

2 Muslim terrorists behind shooting attack near Ofra shot and neutralized near Ramallah (5)

Simultaneously, IDF troops stormed a house in the Arab town of Silwad and arrested another Muslim terrorist in connection with the terror attack in Ofra.

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On Sunday night, Muslim terrorists opened fire at Israeli civilians who were lighting Hanukkah candles in memory of a car accident victim at a bus stop near Ofra Junction, in the Binyamin area.

A total of seven Israelis were wounded in the terror attack.

A 21-year-old pregnant woman, Shira Ish-Ran lost a lot of blood after being hit in her lower abdomen and pelvis. She was rushed to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, where Doctors performed an emergency caesarian section in an attempt to save the life of the 7-months unborn child.

Heartbreaking - Premature baby whose mother was wounded by Muslim terrorists near Ofra has died (2)

Her husband, Amichai, also was among the seven Israelis wounded in the shooting attack.

Shira remains in serious condition but is improving. Amichai is in moderate condition after being shot in the leg.

We regretfully announce the death of Shira and Amichai’s child four days after the attack, despite the efforts of the doctors to save him,” the Sharei Tzedek hospital said in a statement.