Jerusalem’s city walls illuminated with colors of French flag

In an act of solidarity with France following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the city of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Development Authority on Saturday night illuminated the old city walls with the colors of the French flag.

A similar gesture took place in cities around the world, including Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv where the facade of the city hall was illuminated with the colors of the French flag as a solidarity rally took place at the Rabin Square, alongside which city hall is located.

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Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said Saturday night, “The whole world understands today what we have been experiencing in recent decades in Israel and Jerusalem – murderous terrorism fueled by hatred and a mission of death against innocent civilians in the West.”

“We all need to act together against terrorism everywhere. We send condolences to the French people, to the families and victims in Paris, and to the Litman family, whose two family members were also murdered that day in Israel,” he continued.